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We are the producer and processor of premium cannabis flowers, concentrates and topicals in Washington.  This site is for viewers 21 years of age and older only. 

Welcome to the Farm

Founded in 2013, Vulcan Mountain Farm is one of the pioneers of Washington's cannabis industry.  Located at an elevation of 3,200 feet in beautiful Curlew, Washington, our flowers reflect the balance and natural beauty of the Inland Northwest.  We are passionate about producing the highest quality products and committed to utilizing farming practices that will support the long term health of the soil and surrounding landscapes.  Our 60,000+ square foot indoor/outdoor facility features areas with over 60 inches of Molson Loam topsoil which is comprised of volcanic ash over glacial till (a naturally well-draining medium).  We employ the use of organic fertilizers which are generated from the pastured poultry that enjoy the run of the property.  And weather-permitting, our plants bask in the eastern Washington sunlight and fresh air.

The members of the Vulcan Mountain team draw on many years of experience servicing patients and clients in the medical marijuana industry in Washington.  Using their knowledge of the variety of benefits of the cannabis sativa strains they are able to develop varieties exclusive to Vulcan Mountain.

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